Solar Financing in Los Angeles

Installing residential or commercial solar panels in Los Angeles will save you money over the long run, but it is an expense. To help our customers afford solar energy upgrades to their homes and businesses, we offer competitive solar financing rates.


Solar Panel Installation Benefits in L.A.

With our flexible solar financing options in Los Angeles, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Zero down payment. Pay nothing upfront unless you want to.

100% financing which covers the full cost of your solar upgrade.

Pay nothing for up to 17 months. Just watch the savings pile up. You can apply them toward the cost of the upgrade later.

Fixed, competitive solar financing rates.

No hidden fees. We will let you know all the costs upfront, and will answer any questions you have before you commit.

When you start experiencing the monthly cost savings which come with solar power right from day one,
you will know you made the right decision.

Why Buy Solar Panels in Los Angeles Instead of Leasing?

Here is what you will never have to deal with when you choose to work with us:

Lease escalators

Extra fees and penalties.

Ballooning interest rates.

A leasing company taking away your tax credit.

That's right. When you work with Pacific Build Group, you are maximizing your savings. Leasing solar panels can be tempting, because you may think that it will save you money now. But in the long run, it will cost you.

Leasing tends to get more expensive with time, and it deprives you of a tax credit. It also means that you never actually own the panels. You keep paying on them for as long as you use them.

When you buy solar panels with flexible financing, your system is yours forever. You get to enjoy additional savings through your tax credit. And you never need to worry about your rates increasing. You know exactly how much your solar panels will cost you.

Before you know it, your solar panels will pay for themselves in full. From that point onward, there are no additional costs-just ongoing savings year after year. Solar panels increase the value of your home or commercial business, and are an investment in your future.

We Offer Secured and Unsecured Solar Loans in Los Angeles

In order to provide the most suitable solar financing for all our customers, we offer both secured and unsecured loans.

Secured Solar Financing

When you apply for a secured solar loan, your home acts as collateral on your financing. If you cannot pay off the loan, your home may be seized to pay off the cost. While secured solar financing does have "strings attached", lenders view them as less risky. This means you can enjoy benefits like lower interests rates, low or zero down payments, and easier qualification. You may also deduct the interest from your taxes.

If you are interested in a secured loan, we can connect you with a flexible and affordable product through Home Ready by Fannie Mae (specifically the HomeStyle® Energy mortgage) or another loan program. Learn more about our secured loan programs here, or give us a call at (866) 957-7827.

Unsecured Solar Financing

This type of financing is ideal if you do not want to offer up collateral for your loan. With unsecured financing, there is no chance of your home being foreclosed on if for whatever reason you cannot pay off your loan in full. You also can keep your finances more liquid for expenses in the meantime.

Interest rates tend to be higher for unsecured loans, but we offer competitive loan options to qualifying homebuyers through the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs created by California Legislation Assembly Bill 811 (AB 811).

In Los Angeles County, PACE is administrated by both CaliforniaFirst and HERO. If you qualify for a PACE unsecured loan, you can get started with solar enhancements to your home with zero money down. Through this program, your loan also has a low, fixed interest rate.

Contact Us Today to Ask About Solar Panel Financing Options in Los Angeles

At Pacific Build Group, we know that each of our customers has a unique financial situation necessitating different solar financing options. When you contact us, we will discuss your needs in-depth and come up with a customized plan which will fit your budget. Ready for your free solar estimate? Get in touch with us today by calling us at (866) 957-7827. One of our agents will contact you to set up your consultation.

We can't wait to help you get set up with solar panels quickly, easily and affordably so you can start saving money on your residential or commercial electric bills!

Not sure if you qualify?

Contact us today to find out. Even if you are not eligible, we can provide you with another loan product which will fit your needs.